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Self-help book to tackle life's common pitfalls

Chapter 1: Making It Happen—Career and Personal Goals

Chapters and Testimonials

Author / Speaker / Consultant. The world is challenging, I can help.

HR Manager / Sales

"My wife found the book I was reading, [Challenging Your Worldview...] 

and used two quotes from it to land a Human Resources Management job. Thanks!"

~Terry P.

Health Practioner

"... that was an amazing and timely word for me. 

It spoke volumes to me and helped clarify things on my mind." 

~ Dr. M. Outlaw

Business Leader

"Polished and effective an audience of entrepreneurs...with guidance on how to conduct business effectively"

~ Anderson Z. 

Health Practioner

"I really liked the introspection idea of  making decisions and how to look at what effects my decisions (culture, traditions, beliefs, etc). [Challenging Your Worldview] almost feels like an apologetics book on decision making... and that's a good thing."

~ Tricia M.

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